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Proposition Opposition (video slide show)

Proposition Opposition: voters in favor of marriage equality gather in central Phoenix to express personal and political messages opposing Prop. 102 prior to the November 2008 election.


Proposition Opposition

Prop. 102 nearly mirrors the state's previous Prop. 107, which voters rejected in 2006.

It was a late fall afternoon in 2008. One facebook post turned into a dozen, each of these leading to a dozen more text messages. “Meet at the corner of Central and Camelback,” it said, “bring signs.” Under the orchestration of dedicated community members, voters opposed to Arizona’s Proposition 102 hit the streets to spread awareness before the November 4th election day.

Unfortunately, Arizona voters passed Prop. 102 by more than 250,000 votes. These photos capture the unity, love and ambition behind the proposition’s opposition. The fight continues …

Voters opposed to Proposition 102 gather in Central Phoenix.

Parents and children turned out together for the cause.

Prop. 102 amended the state constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Arizonans in favor of marriage equality opposed Proposition 102.

The large group attracts local media attention.

Supporters of same-sex marriage shared their message with the media.

The fight for marriage equality is political and personal to those affected.

Signs carried by anti-prop102 voters displayed messages of love.

Those in favor of marriage equality continue to inspire and educate long after sunset.