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Seattle Rapper Takes A Stand For Marriage Equality

Last week Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert released a single off their new album, The Heist, which is due out October 9. The single, Same Love, is a tribute to marriage equality and part of the Music For Marriage Equality campaign.

If you haven’t heard it yet, listen here!

“This song, which I wrote in April, is a response to what I have observed and experienced, and is also an act of personal accountability. It was not easy to write, and I struggled with how I, as a straight male, could genuinely speak upon this issue. Initially, I tried writing from the perspective of a gay, bullied kid, but after getting some feedback, I felt it wasn’t my story to tell. What I do know, and where I wrote from, is my own perspective growing up in a culture where “that’s gay” was commonplace, with a huge stigma on those who identified and were perceived as gay.” – Macklemore